What is a brand?

A brief note to my compadres at SureFire LLC and all others interested in brand positioning.

A brand is the vessel for the ethos of a company or group.

Objectively speaking, SureFire invents, manufactures and distributes illumination tools, suppressors and hearing protection comprised of LED’s, aluminum, polymer, rubber, nitrolon and titanium. Sure, those are the materials used to produce, assemble and build a finished product, but what are we actually marketing? What we market as a brand are abstractions and ideas. We don’t sell lights, we sell safety, dependability, reliability, superior quality, American Ingenuity, integrity, character and craftsmanship. I have this mindset approaching each project I dive into and implore that my team does the same.

Surefire’s brand positioning is how we are perceived within our industry space. In more broad and ambitious terms, where does SureFire goods and services fit within the World Stage and market? Currently, my intuition and observation for our standing within our industry is that we are still the benchmark in terms of quality and performance. Our direct competitors offer nothing more than a distilled, cheaper version of what we have pioneered to begin with. With that, I believe that if we rest on our laurels for too long (we have) that we will be left in the dust. Our reputation is eroding. We have lost our identity in the pursuit of a vein that was unresponsive and too far away from our core market.

My ultimate goal for my contribution to SureFire LLC, is to bring value to every project I am involved with. On my commute home, I ask myself, “Is SureFire better because of my efforts today than it was yesterday?” Frankly, I lose sleep over any shortcomings or perceived shortcomings committed.

I want the name SureFire to replace the word “Flashlight” or “Weaponlight” in everyday vernacular. Think Kleenex, Jacuzzi, Jet Ski, Crock-Pot.

My primary role at SureFire as an Art Director is capturing the ethos of our brand and visually articulating that spirit in a compelling and memorable way. I want to tap into the psychology of our customers and the ebb and flow of our industry. Ultimately, anticipating the need our users never even knew that they had. Proactive > Reactive. Improving the user experience from the second of brand first contact to the second our product hits the doorstep of our end-user is my objective.

By trade and craft, I am a web and print designer, coder, writer, illustrator, software and analytics guru.   

Thanks for reading,

- Josh Garner