Keyboard Kourage

Real Quick Before I Go To Bed

I have learned over count-less years of falling victim to expressing my own views and opinions online, that nowhere on Earth is safe. From an "off-color" joke by the water cooler, to an advocation for home safety with a firearm on social media, our worlds and opinions in a public and cyber sphere become smaller every day. With public shaming for the slightest tinge of non-compliance to the "Winds of Change" a La' the authors of political correctness at an all time high; unemployment paranoia, hurt feelings and self-indignation abound. 

As our lives and means of communication rely more heavily each day on the web, Instagram, Skype and other completely impersonal means, we now view humans as a 'less than' element in our daily lives. Actual, physical interaction has become a hassle, a nuisance, an inconvenience. Generation Z is putting off getting their license at 16, because who cares about meeting in person when you have a computer to tell you about every microcosm of everyone else's ins, outs, ups, downs, what they had for lunch / what time they had a bowel movement?  

On the flip-side, and much darker side of the equation, I have seen the true nature of human beings. The white hot hatred of the angry troll, spewing and lurking and vomiting the worst, most vitriolic words I have regrettably ever seen in my 34 years of living. Was this hatred always there? What kept it contained? Has the internet unleashed a wickedness that has always dwelled within humanity? Maybe. But throughout history there has always been cowards; cowards of all stripes, smells, backgrounds and voter blocks. 

It seems there are two types of wicked; the bold and brash and then the cowardly, shadow-lurking type. The internet has allowed the latter to simultaneously become the former. Everyone from the loathsome, pimply-faced emo kid to the self-righteous, ivy league know-it-all. You can sit back on your favorite crust-covered office chair while you furiously type your utmost, sadistic fury on millions of people, all while eating your favorite sodium sprinkled snack and guzzling a carbonated, sugary beverage in your parents basement.  

Ain't life grande?  

Is there a solution? I have no clue!

Like I said, I'm going to bed, but as long as there are computers and humans, there will always be disgusting hatred on the web. Just like there was before computers, now it's just easier to share your disdain for your fellow man. Love always wins, but its a lot harder when hatred has 100mbps bandwidth through-put, a Vente' Starbucks Organic Whatever, no job and an agenda. 

Being nice is harder, but its better.  

"Deus me salvet"

- Josh Garner †