I have been in the graphics industry since 2007. I started freelancing for small illustration projects while studying at California State University Long Beach. I attended CSULB for 3 years and graduated with a BA in Graphics and Illustration. Over the years, I have fulfilled many roles and worn many hats. From packaging to programming, web design to trade booths. I believe skills are best learned by doing and "diving in". I have grown the most by being thrown into the deep end with an open mind and willingness to learn. If you're still breathing, you're still in the game. I have a passion for Design, Consultation, Marketing, Branding and Illustration.  

I sincerely hope that my passion for the craft shows in my work.  



My mission

To drive innovation through design, branding and marketing; pushing boundaries
and setting standards for all companies, associates and clients.
I seek to build a network of driven, hard working, good people.



When I am not working, I am in pursuit of adventure and leisure. 
I fell in love with diving a few years ago. It is true peace down there.




• Art Direction
• Consultation
• Branding
• Project Management
• Web Design & Programming
• Catalogs
• Advertisements
• Trade booths
• Illustration

• Social Media Management
• Data-Management/Harvesting
• SEO / Analytics
• Online Marketing
• UX & UI Wireframe
• Email Campaigns
• Trade Booths
• Packaging
• Production Art
• Apparel